Chris Bennett

Associate Editor , Western Farm Press

A native of Helena, Ark., Bennett is a graduate of Missouri State University.

He has been an associate editor with Farm Press for five years.

Posts by Chris Bennett

Greenpeace knows no shame in Golden Rice battle

in Farm Press Blog Feb 26, 2014
Golden rice, a means to prevent the deaths of millions of children from vitamin A deficiency, is actively opposed by groups like Greenpeace....

Operation Danish Bacon is not about animal rights

in Farm Press Blog Feb 24, 2014
The military should always be allowed to train surgeons with pigs or other live animals, despite protests from PETA....

Mafia goodfellas pinched in fish and pineapple caper

in Farm Press Blog Feb 19, 2014
How long does a fish packed with cocaine stay frozen? How many grams of coke can be stuffed into each fish and how many fish are required? In the......

Angry Birds: Cockfighting alive and kicking across US

in Farm Press Blog Feb 13, 2014
Cockfighting makes for strange bedfellows: Chicken farmer kings, Romanian princesses, derbies in Queens, and Angry Birds....

Big Data is agriculture’s big blank on the map

in Farm Press Blog Feb 10, 2014
Big Data is giant blank on the map and U.S. agriculture is charging right toward it. Nobody, including farmers, gets to opt out of the unintended......

Farmer dragged into harvester escapes with life

in Farm Press Blog Feb 06, 2014
Severely mangled and trapped in the rollers of a potato harvester, Darren Taylor literally held on for life: "I had to stay awake to keep out of that......

Who killed the Big Lebowski of Belgium?

in Farm Press Blog Feb 04, 2014
Whodunnit: Who killed the Big Lebowski of Belgium — Titus Clarysse?...

Benchmark GM crop contamination case a bitter tale

in Farm Press Blog Feb 03, 2014
A landmark court case involving GM contamination of organic crops has torn a farming community apart....

How to create an epic environmental disaster

in Farm Press Blog Jan 29, 2014
Suck out enough water and the well goes dry: The Aral Sea’s disappearance is a benchmark reminder that water choices have pay-to-play consequences....

Big Ag goes organic (Come again?)

in Farm Press Blog Jan 27, 2014
There’s a trillion dollars riding on the global produce market and Big Ag is moving toward a much larger non-GMO and organic share....